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—-I found that we humans have the need to do something that :
Z) “The Last Need”:

1) can go on infinitely
but is divisible in partial goals
which are discernible if reached,
2) is always available to do,
3) is always extending worldviews
& adaptable to worldview drifts,
4) appeases our other reproductive (W), physiological (X) & social needs (Y),
thus we can expect that it will solve conflicts.

All 4 points at once. The more some behaviour is doing this,
the more we will prefer it to other behaviour.
This (Z) sounds basically like the motivating program of us.

—We will see the links among those needs as we start looking at the:
W) “Reproduction Need”:
Its the simple & leading effect of time & the logic of:
things that exist more often will rather sustain.
Evolutions foundation.
We feel thus a big need to do it,

P) but are coerced to fit in the social system (Y)
so doing other things in our most fertile years,
to build up a security (X) for us & our future possible family.
This contradicts our biological timing & we feel this very hard!

Q) but to find a person which will fit into this position,
we have to be very cautios & checking if this partner is able to
care for the kid & the physiological foundation (X) of the future family.
So this means basically that those persons have to be
naturally attractive to each other,
able & willing to do larger projects together
(often related to the same interests / relates to (W) & (Z))
& stay in this position willingly for as many years as possible!!

— What is the next best method to exist?
(X) is quite obvious:
long-term view nutrition,
work (out), sleep, to live, psychological health (W)(Y)(Z),

– The following ones allow us to gain a lot of security & possibilities
to survive natural competition, but sometimes restrict or weaken us.

Y) “The Social Needs” are making us want to do something that

A) is significant as possible to the society (X) (W) (Z),
B) at least secures us physiologically (not die) (X),
C) is ultimately always expandable (Z) (B),

I hope i showed you with my codification how cross linked those needs are &
i know that i even missed a lot links.


The minor problem is, that i don´t have something like that anymore. Because what i had did not survive point 3. & thus point 4 but i am on the best way to change that.

The major problem is that almost nobody has something like that. Sustaining Motivation.
Because to keep motivated you can´t miss to think far
& about your environment
because this is intensively influencing your feelings.
They start to be stuck in the believe to can’t change & do something new to appease their needs because they don’t question what they do & feel & just follow habits, things they are used to & numb themselves emotionally with repeated short term appeasemnts…

Do something else, for you & somebody else.



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