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The problem about our modern monetary systems are:

Profit decides which companies live,
with marketing & deception & everything you can get money out of.

The best examples:
Drug-companies, Chemical food industry,
Car industry, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing,
shopping for fun, eating for fun,
the phenomen of unhealthy diet itself,
pollution, informationless consumers,
TV as a more important thing than our environment & our own health..
& short term appeasement.. etc..

Quality as better useability to appease our needs more conflict free with our environment in the long term view & short term view.

Thats what we have to learn, to get taught,
thats were we have to put our money into,
thats what we have to teach banks & investors..
Don’t just help every company that seems to get profit.
Thats a huge factor in society..

Now you will see inequality:
Banks, gocernments, big investors, & small investors/consumers
decide how our actions to build our future look like!

If you look at the the parties above:
you see  is a big indifference in the ability to act & organize a will!

Thats how money & power distort the reflection of our true needs to this world!

A study of the ETH Zurich 1,7% of all multinational companies control 80% of the world revenue,
compared to this the wealth/estate distribution,
of 5-10 % own 80% of the worlds wealth/estate, seems egalitarian

We have to dissolve this influence & overdeceicive power
of the left side of the list above & have to gain awareness of what we & everybody need now & in future terms, to appease our needs more conflict free with our environment in the long term view & short term view.

Internet, phones etc, SLOWLY change that fact.
But i would like to see the government helping with this!

With our modern possibilities, nations could much better assess what their people need.we could much easier communicate & creatively find methods to appease this need in a long-term helpful way, rather than in a short term destruction way. .

Don’t sit on your couch in front of the tv or computer game & eat chips as chocolate.. Stop & ask yourself what you would like to experience now & try everything else but not what you are used to & try to make it helpful for your society.have a stressful discussion with your friends & family about what is important in life, ask yourself all of this… plan, think & imagine our future together. Go out & have fun & talk about everything, how you feel etc. but don’t do what you are used to & what is just a short term anesthesia for your true feeling.. to kill your long term pain of not knowing what you need….

Govrnment should help
to inform them much better & communicate needs,
but they seem stuck in old patterns
(& haven’t got the brains, courage or possibilities ?)
so can’t help to develope what will develope itself anyway &
help the old patterns to go with little conflict

“For example newspapers will be electronic or expensive as hell
in at least 50 years.
(in switzerland it’s 2032 according to a study
where no newspaper will be anymore.)

Journalism will have changed dramatically,
the way infomrations & consumers connect also,
TV will almost be dead.
there will be no regime,
there will be “Tv” on demand.
I think it will rather be an internet channel
where you can chose your videos..

& to earn money with this, our rights of sharing & private property & intellectual property will be changed dramatically
or this won’t be a working business
but a self-keeping & governmentaly funded programm.”

There we have to think of strategies..
to inform & keep a stable & working system to organize & reflect our needs! it will anyway, but with thinking already now about this,
we can skip some conflicts! (hypothes.is) maes a try for its part)


Corruption, Missing responsibility & Damage rectification inability & inallocatability, has to be prevented & controlled & there we also have to think about tough strategies.


Other problems about “debt” & money itself.

If the population rises, the money amount still stays the same & many people will slowly have more & more problems to get a job & their money to live.

The only used method to solve this problem, but very unstable & delayed until its a coercion as you see,  is to temporarily expand the money supplyas loans for everyone, for more & more things or make the money flow more rapid.

The moment you conservatively deal with this problem, you have to create new money circulations as new demands & you have to raise the supply again, as the sector of the new goods & services grow.
Of course with this mechanism we help a lot of trash to develope,
as long as money flows & comes!

The moment you get more foreign customers you have to create money for them again. But its all temporary,
because “trash” won’t sustain as a need in the long-term.

So the only used method for dealing with this logical problem
is to raise the debt of the nations & everybody. So this is in the first view no problem, thats why it is also called: liabilities.

But if something in this system of investment is going wrong,
-(what happened some years before 2009-) or the average consumer isn’t able to eat the new soritiment of potatoe chips anymore the investment will fail & it will get a recession because nobody needs products anymore, they need things we can’t really buy..
oh what a blame recession because they don’t buy more trash…

The only way to deal with this problem without changing much of our system is A HUGE LOT of research!
To produce products that don’t displace older ones & create a new cycle of demand & new work.

Otherwise it will lead to a situation where people could work & produce new things, but nothing we truely need anymore & also the medium money wouldn’t be there for the new generation, if banks wouldn’t provide for anything profitable.

Also, you have to pay back what builds your existence.
Those debts aren´t there to pay it back someday, this wouldn´t be possible. You would have to pay it back in kind. that would ruin lifes.

If you now look at the reasons of the crisis in 2009
& the fallowing happenings,
you can´t believe that this wasn´t on purpose,
or that the politicians really have no solutions for these problems
of controlling the financial market.

It would be as unbelievable that banks would just accept to be controlled, without “trying” to change that attempt in previous with a wad of lobbying.

they should create a rule, who you can give money & when you can create money to be fix & not be payed back, for further generations & new product cycles to be without stress of permanent owing your life to somebody. Any  further strategic ideas?