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“To be, or not to be, that is the question”  [1]


It’s just about existence,
this got started & decided
by rather unknown processes,
causal processes in unlimited time*.
Those gave us existence & needs.
Those needs we can’t shed.
Those needs decide our way.

Those processes led to our need
to explore & understand processes
& change them to appease our needs.
Those needs are strategies to exist.
So this new human need: “the last need” shows the way:
To be the new reason,
To interfere in those processes,
to create an output we need,
to exist & fulfill the strategies to exist
to be the new causality
which decides what exists as a process,
is the only possible goal we can have,
the only possible way of life.
Every life does it, & will do it.

,Life which cares for Life` is & will be the most important thing ever!

So lets care for Strategies that care for life! Its that simple.

The alternative is to die,
against our needs to shed our needs.
But even so, we give place for other peoples/lifeforms needs.

Because if someone kills people
it will induce reactions to inhibit such behaviour,
thus will lead to our appeased needs again.
If every human dies, we arent the only life anyway
there are other life forms here & on maybe other planets too.

So i can’t do & want something else,
than understand & change causal links & processes.
to appease my needs es long-term viewed as possible
to stay appeased within my surrounding & future descendants.

What exactly this means
is decided by actual limits of our understanding or limits in ressources,
to use such knowledge to appease actual & future needs of us & our surrounding most likely affecting us & our descendants.

So lets go on!

*Evolution originated from thermodynamic processes on earth, which made chemicals statistically reakt to chemicals which create themselves as they react with other chemicals.
So statistically they will exist rather than other chemicals.
Thats how it started & led to us, with our special need to explore & understand processes. A strategy helpful to find strategies to exist. The crucial mechanisms that led to thermodynamic processes & existance of matter aren’t really understood or at least i dont understand quantum-mechanics & the theory. & i dont think they have the answere to that question.

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