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If you feel lonely, i can help you:

First! Question your loneliness!
What thinking makes you feel lonely?
What do you expect to not have?
To not be able to?
What do you expect of your surrounding to haven’t done?
Is it really loneliness you do feel?
Or rather perspectivelessness & the need for help & nobody helps?
What would you like to experience?
What would you like to share?
What would you like to hear?
Why, Why, Why? What is it what you need?
How can you get it?

Second & fundamentally:
Understand how loneliness is appeaseable. 

We know that we can’t control if we are lonely or not.
We don’t stop to feel lonely if we care for ourselves..
If we coerce people to care for us, it doesn’t appease this deficit..

So we can never know because can never control,
if someday we won’t feel lonely anymore.
So we can’t expect this to happen at anyday of our life.

We have to deal with this possibility…
& for feeling good even in this extreme case
we have to lose all fear of being alone…

We have to accept that we have no control about this,
We have to lose all hope into this, let go from those thoughts!..
It will be the only way to not be lonely…

If we lose this fear of being alone..
..we realize that this world may be lonely,
because nobody seems to truely feel & understand & care for us..
from this moment on we stop to fear that we can’T tell everybody else who we are & how we feel, we start to not fear any exclusion.
We completey stop to supress our true thoughts & feelings.. (M.D.)

& then the next moment.. we see all those lonely people & know
that this world is even more sad……. but now there is the little difference… we can at least care for them….

if we don’t care for them… the world would even be more sad..
So the only thing we can do is to be for them, as we feel.
To be for them what we would like them to be For us, adapted to their special situation.. care for them.. as we would like to feel care.. (the golden rule)
As true as they are…feel… & think..

Do you feel what this knowledge means?

ask for me.. but just if your true self tells you to.

PS: if you start to learn something, it doesn’t automatically mean that you feel what it means. This has to be connected with your feelings & your worldview first… think & feel intensely into your special experiences. The Moment of intense emotion is the moment to think those methods & apply your knowledge to it.. thats how to connect thinking & feeling..