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Part one : “Everywhere lurks the modern snake!”

Every day i breathe fumes, already proven to be carcinogenic or depositing in the milk for my future kids.

I have to care about every piece of food, I buy directly or indirectly if its intoxicated with potential long-term epigenetic toxins or even worse.
Those are everywhere legally available against better knowledge, because discreet by old customs of agriculture systems or interests of big chemical industries.

Either way it intoxicates my water.
So i have to buy water from the few glass bottles available,
because the Therephthalate from the PE-T of most soda is also interfering with our hormone system. Already today women get earlier into adolescence & men later.

This means i can drink hardly anything & can eat almost nowhere,
except i buy all of it myself & If i can test so trust the companies.
The trash cycles which miss totally are the next problem but at least not that coersive to watch concerning health, if we dont look at the pollution of sea with toxins or plastic trash. So to buy fish is risky, not only because its overfished. If it is from aquaculture its acceptable. To eat meat that needs extra space & food that is extra cultivated is economically careless but not coersive. To care about hygiene & laundry needs years. Pharmaceutics are the same just worse a decade.
Climate we also “care” about..

Part two: “The omnipresent desert of care!

So [besides i am raised to eat & live in toxins & breathe legally fumes
& wash myself & my dishes with water polluted by agriculture toxins, ]

I have to live within millions of people, who all dont care about that,
sit in front of a tv or a game or listen music, etc
just follow the path everyone expects from them
or in front of each other & talk about “trash” but not trash.
NOT AIMING AT ANYTHING AT ALL & just dont care..
Millions without any respect or care for their future kids,
their friends or themselves. This is overcharging..
But its not their fault, they are raised to do so. They dont know that now.
I probably also dont know things that i would want to avoid if i would know.
but in the end i feel ignored & helpless: makes a feeling of loneliness.

Part three:
“The place they meant to care about those who cant help themselves
because history not nature wanted so

While breathing toxics lonely but as one of millions I look at governments:
Meant to be our cooperative partner to care for order
so we can easily go on with our lifes but:
paralysed by fights about might, wet of aimlessness,
& immobile while threatened by/from an economic breakdown.
These guys & the breakdown take from everyone a bit of what they claim to need.

But in the end this bits are almost meaningless
for the middle & upper classes,
most of them never knew/learned what to do with their money
& with their lives. Or at least: why they do what they do.
The poorer really feel the cut but lets not talk about justice here…
The biggest problem is the AIMLESSNESS OF THIS CULTURE.

They dont care for the most important things:
Life & knowledge for life! They neglect education & upbringing of their own future: their kids or even themselves.

The rage i feel, seeing all those mistreated & neglected children
as young or as adults, imagining how they feel.. i know how they feel…
makes me cry the same time i feel an unhealthy aggression balling my fist, almost crunching my teeth & making my face looking like i will kill !
But there are reasons for peoples behaviour, its not their fault, i have to forgive them, put this aggression into action & change those reasons which made them careless with it.

Please reform the education system & use what science knows & what experience told! Make it possible to let them be raised at home! Help those families, encourage them! Show them how to make motivated geniuses out of them, men & women which contribute to care for their lifes, loves, friends & kids!

Show them that:
,Life which cares for Life` is & will be the most important thing ever!

But hey I am a part of it, i’ll have to & want to care if nobody else really does….
I really need help…

Part 4:The look into future & over boarders.

As an protruding intoxicated brick in the immobile decaying wall …
after accepting this huge inevitable fate.. For a moment..
I just imagine love……

If i really made it to care for myself, my wife, my kids,
my friends & partners, it will be great..
I will care for the partners of my children & for my grandchildren.
Those partners can vary widely: i will care for a lot of people!
& they will care for us hopefully!

Contemplating that government isnt all about national events
but widely international,  We really have to watch many political happenings,
to prevent danger of any kind or rule changes, which could lead to such dangers,
from our children &  for their future environment as possible.

Corruption in finance & government & fraud is so common today,
its really necessary to be well informed in such matters
if you care for life & your childrens life.

There is no government that defends us from such dangers,
as long as it doesnt educates us in preventing it by ourselves & together.
As in the internet there is a group of hackers which compete the system as its own rules to keep any freedom they can get. So there are huge risks, but also benefits.

We have to care for those things additionally,
as we always had to care for today inevitable seeming risks,
until technology makes it stop.

All of the above.. is asking too much of everybody,
if nobody coordinates to fix these things together & share the work.

So share the work people, its like a to do list & to connect list!