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“We have to hate our feelings

We have to be afraid of our feelings

We have to be terrified by feelings.”

Why?    Thats what society* today wants us to and makes us to.

They* don’t want to let us live and show how we feel.
if we do so they ignore us, they stop to help us.
Our feelings don’t follow the the rules we have to live along..
This is impossible as we all know and truly feel as we see the world..
We like to change that and think wishfully, still they ignore, they are afraid..
They don’t have the capacity to do so, because they are confused and afraid by their own feelings.

Imagine you can’t fit into the norm, into public expectations* ….
….fed to us by tv, whatsoever medium or by people or parents – unquestioned.

then You start to feel like everything you are is a burden no a damage to society.
it starts dfferent: you swallow a single feeling of the whole arrayy we have.

First for a specific situation, then for more and more, After a while you lose more and more concentration because you are used to use that up to hide yourself.

your well being diminishes and maybe you reach a point where most crucial feelings
like hope for peace, and love are swallowed and maybe buried under the pressure which public expectations make to a day to day life reality.

probaby you exactly feel and know what i mean

We are all so afraid of making mistakes, not being accepted by others, not being helped, being left alone, left over, or even hated, excluded, fought..
Foremost afraid for getting ignored for our most intuitive deeply intense feelings.
That what makes us alive…

If they ignore and punish, we ought to be dead… at least thats how this feels..

Thats why everybody* is joking, so they can’t make mistakes right?

The utmost of it: nobody likes to even talk about feelings.
A hurting amount of people is afraid of the possible pain it envolves..
they believe  if you show that you don’t feel this way or think different
that it is not possible to change feelings and to get out of it happy.

Actually it is. The prove: later…. scroll to Prove

“What i experience today:
I am afraid of going on to reach my dreams:
Guess what? They were never so defined and vivid.
I never knew so good what i need and want.
I am truly confident that this is an opportunity with huge likeliness of success
I will reach things i really love to live and feel,
i know they are great for society, i feel it.
i will do mistakes somewhere, i will learn, it will transform
thats no doubt or problem, i will also exceed by far my imaginations.

But i feel huge anxiety of my own feelings
to be incompatible with the tight schedule life gives me.
With the sheer impact of the ignorance people will spend me.

the more you get to know your feelings and reasons the more you get sensible. it truly hurts and terrifies.

You have to overcome that too. there are ways to do so. **
Even though we stay sensible and don’t ignore by ourselves. I know it.

I wanted you to know that too.

Prove: (read it as if you skipped to this point)

We can learn, we can overcome, we can understand ones feelings and we can newly interpret what we misinterpreted first. Wen can find a way beside each other  and accepting each others limits mistakes , feeling and thinking.

We can understand our own limits to change, we can try to understand each other with an open mind even if it opposes everything we really feel for.
Why or how?

Because there is a path that is given to us by evolution life for life for life…


love for each others life which creates life in a next generation, which loves life to love eacth others life and so on…
this is the unlimited ideal of secure existence, which every feeling of ours follows.
(“to be or not to be, that is the question”)  So there are ideals always better ways to form our society. And as you thought probably by now, because we mix so strongly over many generations and can’t isolate our kids from everyone else we have to care for as many people as possible starting with ourselves and our closest partners.

if we all acknowledge this path and see our own individual role in it we can cooperate very effectively by telling to us each others feelings.
Feelings are what is determining all of our actions, made effective and extremely sensitive by causality of evolution.

So as we know, that we all couldn’t really choose our past our parents and our environment, subsequently our feelings, we have to look at each others as equals of a certain kind: we have the same responsibility for what we are and do with each other (“all for one and one for all.”)  BUT we have different origins and conditions we are born with. So we are not equal! we don’t have the same opportunities. We aim for having that, but it will always be different to some extent.

But thats not a problem: aware of that we can even do better in an approximatey entirely coordinated society, by needs, ressources, opportunities and this compared
to the possibe outcome of securing and taking control of reality for love for this each others life to create life to love each others life and so on……


Most importantly for that: teahc how to live show exchange empathy and talk and determine own and others needs and feelings.

Reasons are SO EASY compared to this. but i know, from myself,

That we CAN make this reality!

And so i demand it as the  number one priotity for all of our lives.
teach it: yourself, t hurts but go on. At home, in school, your friends, your colleagues, your love, in the media, everyone. ***



**PS: Somehow i know it is solveable by a awareness of peoples anxiety and mechanisms of ignorance, by their motivations and thsat there are reasons to that.
Also we have to get aware of our limits and of our priorities.

we can’t help everyone immediately. there is a limited amount of time and knowledge we have. We have to share it as effectively as we can.

Every moment we see something which affects us, negatively or positively
we have to see the whole world and the connections within its appearance.

As you feel bad, fee good because you know that there is a solution and though your way is so indirect you do your best to amplify the creation of this soution.
Everytime you feel good, see also why and that there are still things in this world you wsh by now to present this happyness with and feel imbued with gratitude and wilingness and courage to share and realize these feelings into this world!

Show yourself this way, live this wy, it’s a habit we have to get into but it’s the only way to really stay alive.

***PPS: there is a problem with media: it’s cut (we miss the real process)
and played (there are HUGE ignorances of true causal feeling af human beings)
And we believe it, because we don’t know much else and it’s so intense and vivid.
(role model, music to make feelings more intense, ypung age)