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Imagine all related banks went bankrupt by those fraudulent assessments made by the same people who sold the world-system-breakdown CDO’s back in 2007.

Bank Run!! No loans!! No companies!! No jobs!! Hunger!! Civilian wars!! Chaos!! Crisis!!….

really???        no…

Cyprus showed that bank runs don’t work anymore today.
What somehow is logical because:
They just don’t allow you to take your money.
There is no one to run over at the banks counter….
… Everybody stands waiting in front of the cash atm.
There is no real money to steal from a safe…
…its all digital.
And most important: even if banks today close:

our economy wouldn’t have the same breakdown as “back then” because one big difference ocurred in this time:

Internet gave us Crowd Funding   — Crowd Lending!

Collaborative lending, peer-to-peer lending, crowd loans,
even have grown,
(as the fear media and politics mispelled unleashed mistrust
and thus initiation to get independent of those fraudulent incontrollably banks) though nothing very very bad happened compared to the historically fear raising “idols”.

I have the Good Feeling, that if this crisis would have gone to the extent of letting banks just crash one after the other: people would have had to help each other out.

Are they able to do so?” Asks the unwitting politician and pessimistic economist.

In the old days maybe: no.   But today: Yes! Because of Crowdsourcing!!!

Just from home, or our phones. we don’t even have to use money.
We can just come by and help to be helped too in exchange.
Back then they burned corn because there was no one who could buy it..

Imagine: How this sector would have grown if there were not many banks left??


(Bitcoin is just one example. Namecoin. Lightcoin. PPcoin,
Ven, Ripple, Digital Monetary Trust, e-coin.
And those are just the major ones.  )

We can easily kickstart any company, even if we don’t use our real money.
We just invent our own new one.

With this happening we would have broken the international multicoorporation lead in “whats worth to invest in it and whats not”.

We would have started to create new busines forms, where the goal of the business or the cumulative effect of this instuítution is more important(!bottom up!), than the median, money. It would have given us the opportunities to give life all the purpose we can give it., with much less money policy restrictions.

it’s not about the things that divide us,
lying in between of us, the money/x/time.

It’s about what connects us in a way that leaves the median in the end.
The collective purpose of our individual unneglecting sensitive well being.
It’s Not possible to feel this through the SOP life we inherit and dont deny to live in.

(next post)

Why shouldn’t we decide what to organize next for our society?
Aren’t we starving for a live outside work or duty?
Is’t there anyway a path called globalization and automatization which takes exacty that from us?  But the same time leaves us nowhere to start?
All our abilities which were some time ago useful, because distributable, the spacial barrier taht saved our rituals, because what people needed was not everywhere available. that changed too.
Everything you will ever learn is very likely to end in an open source free to use algorithm, available from everywhere wheere internet will be.

Yes i talk from another time but international mayor companies are running away from taxes and the nations starve away. Social security fades away..

The giving and taking got a taking and taking and taking and taking and giving.
Because it got possible
and moral or purpose of their lives, diminished to short term fun or power,
since religion and all emotions from it, fade away
and most people missserious emotional conviction.
So feeling anything intense might do the job for a living, sadly..

For those who don’t have the feelings from certainty about lifes purpose ,who have the money to buy power and intelligence to run away from dutys and resposibility or care for anything.

They damage themselves as much if they damage everybody else,
but they don’t seem to know.. Placebos…

Thatsoever i see a major direction:
less work needed. less static intelligence needed. less material needed.
more researching intelligence, growth, creation and new experiences needed.
more danger controlling government, selective consumers & responsible producers.
more cyclic and non accumulative growing usage of ressources,
systematic, long term based, regulated, and detail sensitive cooperation.

EDUCATION f all of that & more than that. Ideas for the world.
PARTICIPATION to Government.
-Share what you know, what you don’t know but like to
-Its worth 10000 years of not making mistakes,
taking better decisions & new views.
PARTICIPATION to Solving challenges for our society.
Not sitting in front of a tv unselectivel watching tv & “enjoing it” being numbed out.
but enjoying way more of reality and it’s possibilities and faces. the feelings and the ways we can help each other. The way we lose ourselves in this creation.

Thats what i wish life to be on a daily basis.
Not to forge the role modells we can be for our kids and how gret they will be. and how easily we will find people we can love.

think government needs way more participation from it’s civilians. not just in voting for laws.. It’s ebout their help for the ministries to fix special problems and the individual problems and reforms the nations have to make!

Participate in solving the problems and sharing ones perspective.

AND helping the nation by controlling major Companies and semicriminal organizatiohns, which obviously hrm every form of human life.