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Let’s put retirement to our 20s to 30s. starting with 18.!!

——-Why?                               (Summary of the effect to society at the bottom)
It’s the time where we really need it!
1)more money and time to study, better results
2)to care to start a family to care our kids in their most sensitive stage, 2,1)homeschooling will be possible, nations needs less money,
3)to think about the way we want to live in the future and how to change this world into a place we like even more.

12 years form 18-30 are WAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! more essential than any 65-77
——What about then if we are old?
In our 60s 70s 80s (we even get older and older)
most people don’t even know what to do with their time, just throw it out,
get depressed because they feel useless. Would like to work again,

To be honest i would work my old bones happily dead, if i know that i put this time most caring into my childrens education and realizing and consequently doing what i want to do with my life!


—-How? How much?
Just take the estimated payment we will get in this (maybe 12 years: 18-30)
by our worst case expected education,
be pessimistic with that.

because if we even get a better education so a better pxyment: this will start to add and there will be more free time consequently.

—-Can you explain this?

Imagine you have enough time with 18 up to 30. to decide and start your future because of the retirement payments.

Payments are as hgh as if you would just started to work now, and reached retirement age..

If you now study something and very obviously will finish it you would have had received more money in this time.

So because they didn’t give you this money you would have got,
you have te following options:

a) take everything right now.
b) or get more time after your 30s additionally relative to the additional amount

(as example: 12 years with 900$ per month but you would have received 1100$)
(200$ per month miss for 12 years: two solutions)
(a) 28800$ right now into your hand get your own home right now!)
(b) you add as example 2 years with 1200$ per month)

So You will just receive more money if you expectedly get a better job,
so you need to study, so the better you study the more time you will get.
And you have the time for this!
(Other examples of concentrating more money in less time or simila models would be possible too!)-Imagine you can choose how much money you want in which time.-Imagine you can choose how much money you want in which time.

—–What about changing the country and stealing two retirements?
international contracts:
You will have to transfer the retirements payments to your nation you have the money from. Interpol will catch you! You owe it! you want a standard of living so running away = ruining away.

So you are still flexible!

—-Summary—–=—–What is the impact of this?

A society in which: way more people

  1. are well educated!
  2. are well engaged into this world to have an impact!
  3. are in a well decided better and more stabe relationship
  4. are very caring parents!
  5. have way more educated children!
  6. work with determination and devotion!

Additionally as you know education has cascade like follow up effects:

  1. This enhances research.
  2. This enhances high tec.
  3. well being of the nation by export of this technological products and intelligence.
  4. more cautions politics
  5. imagine it, there will be more!


Ask your nation!!!