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First I will explain in simple terms:
Why debt is needed in our system!*(*points to the answere)

Based on a money flow model, where money flows basically in circles.
From A->B->C->D->E->F->G->H->…->A
(From bread buying man to company to bakery to farmer to metal industry to workers and the worker is the one who buys the bread.)

Description of the components and a short introduction are at the bottom.

——————————–The Experiment:—————————

So let’s think there is an amount of money for this population.
There is an amount of needs in this population.

Let’s say everyone has a job and everyones needs are satisfied.
——Now they get children:
They need more ressources than there are in use already.
They need more jobs than there exist already.
Either this happens informal or we need more money,
those children need additionally money.
(in reality this happens steadily)

——-Now they invent a new product everybody wants:
Let’s say it is something like a toilet or clothes or a bed.
If you used none until now you have to get some additional money to buy it.
For every new product, we intend to help people with and it definitely has a use which really fulfills needs and will sustainably help us live without destroying ourselves, we will need additional money!
(in reality this happens steadily)

Except! We find a way to make every product cheaper, or transfer the money so fast that everyone can basically use the same 5$ banknote to make their buyings.
or we use something else than money, contracts for example.
Just contracts would be possible because of Inflation and limited transfer speed.

Money is basically nothing else than an abstract impersonal contract which claims to give us something of value back, put into strange numbers.
believe of security makes it work. As far es we haven’t learnedto know for sure.

So in our current system it will inevetably lead to a restriction in money supply and this will lead to people which can’t work, though they physically and mentally can and need it.

—-how to solve this? solve inflation? make new money? transfer faster?

Is a close question
but first let us see how we deal with this i’d say simple problem until now:

We give loans: not existing money, created money. then we destroy it again.

It adds money to the economy for a short period of time
and this way if we let it circulate a little we can give it back after time. We can even give more back if we accumulate a part of the flow. To pay what we have to pay today “interests”.

This way if we pay it back some money flow circles/the companies can still exist!
–After this the money has to flow faster through all money flow circles to fulfill old needs and add the new one. this leads to priority and time problems after a set of new products.

–Or we kill other money flow cicles.

–*Or we accumulate debt as much as it is needed to fulfill all additional needs.
For a nation that is somehow usual but also doesn’t look very good.
A private person would look very bad with this.
But think about it. it means contracts!! if we all have many of them with each other and really want money cycles to grow. to have more products to fulfill our needs we seem to all have to get more loans. more debt.
we seem to fight debt… with a self destroying method.. austerity..
we can’t supress needs very long… it will have aftermath anyways..

it is understandably unpopular to be in debt.

to take a loan for every little thing in life you need.
We even seem to apprtoximate this scenario.

And then even pay interests for it.
Make some bankers richer, who just allow you to work.
because they don’t even own any of this money.

Interests are basically no problem.
Bankers can also give away this money for a money flow circle.

Basically it leads to accumulation of money in banks
by doing nothing but
allowing a money flow circle to exist.
Allowing people to work for each other.
Allowing “abstract unpersonal contracts” to exist and they get something for it: interests.

This makes them very powerful.
Because they decide what products & contracts exits,
if it is okay to provide you money for your need.
which needs should be fulfilled.
Not only by giving loans but also by what businesses to acquire.
Let’s say this is okay because they don’t intend to opress us.
If we make laws that make them respect our needs.
or if not, in the end, we cannot do differently than make them respect our needs. By expressing them against their say. allowing ourselves to work how we need to!
So still no problem if they decide right to let us care for us!

It gives them more power to decide what to invest into.
Who also can decide if your investment is needed or not,
if your idea is secure enough ot not.
Let them decide what we need? can they? no..
banks are proven to not be the best ones to decide that.

bankers aren’t able to judge what we need.

With your kids pocket money as a debt you additionally have to pay back one day, the more children the more debt is needed.
Born in debt and urged to do what those people demand from it, or they will take everything it thought to own. Who probably can’t even see what your kid needs.

—–If we ask now: Children, new human beings on this planet:

Where can we get the money and work from to give them what they need?
to educate them and integrate them to also fulfill each others needs?

  • Banks won’t give us money for this. Even if: it would just stay for the time we have to pay it back and slowly create a bottleneck in money and job supply, salary supply, sustaining money circle supply, if we don’t take another loan.
    And we give them more power every time we pay it and lose independency.
    Always have to fear to lose ownership.
  • Get it somewhere, people in powerful positions are the first to do so because they can easitly take it from subordintes & also they are urged to do so. They also care for their future and kids.

What does this lead to:
1) raise prices, lower salary—>Inflation
but then somewhere somebody has to give it:
so they lose something that fulfills their needs
& have to get it back somewhere. ->agression in crime.

2) save it—-> another bottleneck for the economy money circles
hard with the need to buy products to live while you get less pay
3)ask for more money–> hear they can’t
get a loan.

So some kind of needs which create money-flows !!in time!! can still exist
*this leads to the reason why capitalism is ignores most important needs*

For children we have to give all time we can,
give them to evolve, show them the world,
to make them able to find their way without illusions to live happy and make a better world the same time.

Without the fear to lose your house just because your employer fires you.
because people couldn’t afford to buy his products fast enough,
because somebody in this whole chain of assessments made a mistake.
Systemic risk..

Is this system capable for a long time anymore? no

Either we limit this risk to make losses, due to assessment problems,
and spread it, the same moment we spread the earnings,
so they are no danger for any individual anymore & even helpful to learn from!

Or we allow every born child in this world to ultimately own a certain amount of created money which it should be easily able to afford his needs with if it coordinates or works for others & also create a certain amount of money for new products which really are useful.

What we all need is:

The freedom to decide and learn yourself what you need
to learn to better this world while you satisfy needs
without obstructions if you do one single mistake.

The freedom to make mistakes to research a better way!

Who should decide what mistakes are? Who decides what is a better way?
Who should decide wheter to cooperate with you or not?

Everyone.. Democratize the institutions of banks.
Backed up with enough scientific !evidence! as possible.
Make monopole power and lobbyist interests they process,
something we can call our prowess!

We know that this system of demands and debt and too little freedom makes us suffer, too much freedom can make us suffer too if we don’t listen to our inner and outter restrictions, the only difference is that we really can learn to bend the outter restrictions for ever. And that’s what is really important for life:Everything which helps life to exist easier and more sustainable and more widely, like evolution logically demans: is the only thing we really can do and need to do, all our needs go for it… Research and educate for ever!

In times of more and more automatisation this will be the only thing left possible for us to do.

(Combine this with more people, without democratizing the distribution of money or creating it for human beings unconditonal at their birht to make it possible them to learn and integrate to make this worls in automatisation better, and you will have a hard time and and priority problem.)

————————–Major Key Components:————————————-

We have common a set of needs, which we need to satisfy.
Variances are little and body or cognition related.
This is undeniable. Utmost put into more detail.

The amount of people who need products to live.
It grows and this is evolutionary reasonable & will be reasonable.
So it is need based.
This is undeniable. We have to do it. Denying genes will more likely die.

–Money Quantity and Products in Exchange:
The circles content is money for products.
A->B Money  A<-B Product

Determined ratio of money per product. By people.

–Money Transfer Speed:
Some circles flow faster, some slower.
Due to time needed for

  • information, communication, transport of goods or money.
  • Saving the money to actually have enough to buy what you need.
  • limits of needs: we just don’t need to buy anything that is offered now.
    many things we need can’t be bought with money.

Concentration of Money
Some circles flow but some participants accumulate money with relatively safe mechanisms, thus take it out of the flow.

(Due to that always have more money than other participants and basically decide way more powerful than other actors where it flows. Like banks with their secured loans, every kind of secured loan.At least with law enforcement. But those are details, which show power structures, it’s not what i explicitly want to do here.)


———————-Now the way to the experiment:————————————
let’s think in terms of today:

What majorily determines the amount of money?

-still existing money
-banks which create it, as loans for companies or private individuals.

How do banks decide who to give money
to make what someone said he will do and somebody needs?

Just if it’s secure enough to get it & interests back.
Secured by whatever they conceive as securitization.

What determines how much money we need?
Our percepted and thought needs,
So the price of the products we need to satisfy them.

What determines the price?
People who produce and sell.
People who buy.