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The logical description why this is can be found in the post monetary theory.
Our Money system actually makes us extremely ignorant
for the really important things,
where we don’t immeadiately or personally get something back.

Children can not give back the informations,
the money or the time we put into them.
But without them there is no future.
they can’t give us anything else than their sign that they really need us.
For now unconditional. But the feelings we have for them.
It’s just possible to make us feel happy, by evolution.

Researchers rather give us far more than we even can give them back.
It’s jsut not possible. they have so huge impact! Did you ever experienced the fulfilling beauty of science if you solve something never thought to be possible?

With education you will have a great impact to the future,
maybe you will experience some of it but it will not give you directly as much as it gives the people you educate. just this knowledge and experience fulfills. Nothing more. People will remember you and your deeds and will educate as you did or better! Thats how you sustain. It’s not about getting it’s about sustaining andgetting better in it! So always evolve! And try as much as you can to never repeat!

In our world where archaic beliefs or moral relativity dominates,
many people tend to ignore those aspects of life,
though they are the most important impactful and fullfilling ones.
Without them there is nothing but stagnation, repitition, loneliness and death.
Immorals go too far for intense easy feelings and ignore sustainability and ratio.
Archaic believers stay too steady, hate to evolve, ignore problems & opportunities.

These tasks where we give and don’t get are basically
the manifestation of the golden rule in our feelings and in evolution.
We put effort into somebody else,
because we would like to feel this way if we were in their situation.

We would like to have a world like this. Live in a world like this.
Prioitized by what we feel is important, Children, Education, Health & s.o.
Those are one way functions in this world.

I doubt we know all of them yet,
i bet there are way more social ones,
which we haven’t discovered yet which we have feelings for!

It’s things where we can only give.
What we get is feeling and knowledge.
To sustain and exist. let’s fight for it to be unlimited!