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Whatever the reason for the crisis 2007 & it’s aftermath were clear is:
“A state as middleman, taking our money to give it to people, who we believe need & deserve it the most, can’t be the reason for the crisis.”

So why austerity measures?
debt? Can’t be the reason. Why this is, is at the bottom*

Why not continuing with our social plan?
& try to find everything that could be the problem?

Maybe we shoudn’t seperate commercial & investment banks
but seperate the state into social & business state.

Yeah there would be some overlappings because taxes from companies are also used for social purposes.

But when seperated, there needs to be a transaction to the social state.
So we can easily observe how much is used for social purposes.
This makes the nation by far more transparent.

to prevent the social state going to bankruptcy as well:

We would see how much is really taken more easily!
And the idea, to just raise the debt ceiling for the business state higher than that for the social state, would be closer to our minds.

*Because debt today can’t be a bad thing,
considering that:

  • more products means we need some more money to buy them & work for them besides what we already have to buy & work for
  • a growing population needs a little more money for every new job it takes to live
  • more social state needs also more money to provide those money flow circles we know they pay out in future for our well being.
  • exports: we need a couple additional dollars to give it to the person from far away to buy with our dollars in our nation, we get their money in exchange.
  • & everything else we wish for a nation and good economy to exist..


The idea, that there could be a seperate state,
which individually concentrates to cares about social issues,
is pleasing because it would bring more transperency into any nation.