About this..

I’am a person concerned about everything and everyone in this world.
I care for our common future. I am deeply optimistic,
though i worry more than feel good.

I know that with reason* we can solve all our problems.

I suddenly one day realized the only possible meaning of life.
Guess how much i felt better.. Not a single bit.
Because it was by reason.

*Start to understanding that feelings are more important
because the origin of reason.

Here i want to show you this meaning of life,
(Earning money from it will be a future option as the time catches up but Open Information still spreads effectively and helpfully too for everyone who seeks for it.
Don’t worry you already “know” it anyway. All of your feelings know it and you serve it your whole lifetime as good as you can but still in a confused, painful, experimental and risky way.

& Methods to get closer to feeling while connecting it always with thinking.
& vice versa.
basically feelings take the lead of our reaoning so get to understand your feelings is more important still you need a certain set of cognitive understanding and knowledge about the human mind for that.

All of that to in the end better our lives in this world and love to live in it,
while we live as possibly loving and intense and true to our selves and lifes way according to flflfl…..

If you have some questions or ideas concerning
philosophy, feeling or thinking,
Feel free to just ask, add or critizise in a comment!


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