Emotional medics we need?


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Music is our med for social emotional exclusion based in our whole society,
due to learned shame & exclusion.

Movies are the same with the addition that our need to experience new things & get something done gets also appeased for as long we see the movie.

We eat, have disturbance sex, drink, smoke, talk about most useless things ever, laugh about most desperate things.

Stop doing this!

We really need  LOVE for this life.. for our selves & this world & with this we can love to keep us safe & help to make it better. & finally love someone truly.


Absolutes Recht statt relatives Recht. Jeder Haftet der Banken Unvermogen.


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In den ersten Wochen eines Studiums der Rechte liest man, sobald man das Privatrecht erreicht, über die Kategorien der Rechte. Daneben liest man von Wirtschaftsskandalen.

“Relatives Recht” hat man ggüber einer “Person” & hat Klagen als Schutz zur Verfügung.
Es entsteht vor allem bei Verträgen. ZBsp: Wie die Forderungen der Banken die nicht eingehalten werden konnten.

“Absolute Rechte” kann man ggüber jedermann einklagen sobald jemand diese verletzt..
Körperliche Unversehrtheit, Eigentum &solches…
Forderungen von Banken oder Staaten sind heutzutage ein absolutes Recht.
Ehemals Gegenstand der Privatwirtschaft sind sie nun eher irgendwo im Bereich absolute Rechte, Steuergesetz & absolute Sicherungsverträge zu finden, da zB. Bank in Ratenzahlungen/Steuern von jedem Bürger einfordern kann um ihre Forderungen zu erhalten.

Jeder zahlt anstelle des Schuldners weil Jemand es nicht schafft seine Investitionen zurückzubekommen.Ein neues Absolutes Recht: ggüber jedem Einforderbar!

The essence of everything we do!


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Every emotion leads to an act, so demotivation is also a motivation we either
havent learned to              live in a better way!
or forgot to                      live in a better way!
or believe to cannot           live in a better way!

Why loving this life is the hardest task:


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Part one : “Everywhere lurks the modern snake!”

Every day i breathe fumes, already proven to be carcinogenic or depositing in the milk for my future kids.

I have to care about every piece of food, I buy directly or indirectly if its intoxicated with potential long-term epigenetic toxins or even worse.
Those are everywhere legally available against better knowledge, because discreet by old customs of agriculture systems or interests of big chemical industries.

Either way it intoxicates my water.
So i have to buy water from the few glass bottles available,
because the Therephthalate from the PE-T of most soda is also interfering with our hormone system. Already today women get earlier into adolescence & men later.

This means i can drink hardly anything & can eat almost nowhere,
except i buy all of it myself & If i can test so trust the companies.
The trash cycles which miss totally are the next problem but at least not that coersive to watch concerning health, if we dont look at the pollution of sea with toxins or plastic trash. So to buy fish is risky, not only because its overfished. If it is from aquaculture its acceptable. To eat meat that needs extra space & food that is extra cultivated is economically careless but not coersive. To care about hygiene & laundry needs years. Pharmaceutics are the same just worse a decade.
Climate we also “care” about..

Part two: “The omnipresent desert of care!

So [besides i am raised to eat & live in toxins & breathe legally fumes
& wash myself & my dishes with water polluted by agriculture toxins, ]

I have to live within millions of people, who all dont care about that,
sit in front of a tv or a game or listen music, etc
just follow the path everyone expects from them
or in front of each other & talk about “trash” but not trash.
NOT AIMING AT ANYTHING AT ALL & just dont care..
Millions without any respect or care for their future kids,
their friends or themselves. This is overcharging..
But its not their fault, they are raised to do so. They dont know that now.
I probably also dont know things that i would want to avoid if i would know.
but in the end i feel ignored & helpless: makes a feeling of loneliness.

Part three:
“The place they meant to care about those who cant help themselves
because history not nature wanted so

While breathing toxics lonely but as one of millions I look at governments:
Meant to be our cooperative partner to care for order
so we can easily go on with our lifes but:
paralysed by fights about might, wet of aimlessness,
& immobile while threatened by/from an economic breakdown.
These guys & the breakdown take from everyone a bit of what they claim to need.

But in the end this bits are almost meaningless
for the middle & upper classes,
most of them never knew/learned what to do with their money
& with their lives. Or at least: why they do what they do.
The poorer really feel the cut but lets not talk about justice here…
The biggest problem is the AIMLESSNESS OF THIS CULTURE.

They dont care for the most important things:
Life & knowledge for life! They neglect education & upbringing of their own future: their kids or even themselves.

The rage i feel, seeing all those mistreated & neglected children
as young or as adults, imagining how they feel.. i know how they feel…
makes me cry the same time i feel an unhealthy aggression balling my fist, almost crunching my teeth & making my face looking like i will kill !
But there are reasons for peoples behaviour, its not their fault, i have to forgive them, put this aggression into action & change those reasons which made them careless with it.

Please reform the education system & use what science knows & what experience told! Make it possible to let them be raised at home! Help those families, encourage them! Show them how to make motivated geniuses out of them, men & women which contribute to care for their lifes, loves, friends & kids!

Show them that:
,Life which cares for Life` is & will be the most important thing ever!

But hey I am a part of it, i’ll have to & want to care if nobody else really does….
I really need help…

Part 4:The look into future & over boarders.

As an protruding intoxicated brick in the immobile decaying wall …
after accepting this huge inevitable fate.. For a moment..
I just imagine love……

If i really made it to care for myself, my wife, my kids,
my friends & partners, it will be great..
I will care for the partners of my children & for my grandchildren.
Those partners can vary widely: i will care for a lot of people!
& they will care for us hopefully!

Contemplating that government isnt all about national events
but widely international,  We really have to watch many political happenings,
to prevent danger of any kind or rule changes, which could lead to such dangers,
from our children &  for their future environment as possible.

Corruption in finance & government & fraud is so common today,
its really necessary to be well informed in such matters
if you care for life & your childrens life.

There is no government that defends us from such dangers,
as long as it doesnt educates us in preventing it by ourselves & together.
As in the internet there is a group of hackers which compete the system as its own rules to keep any freedom they can get. So there are huge risks, but also benefits.

We have to care for those things additionally,
as we always had to care for today inevitable seeming risks,
until technology makes it stop.

All of the above.. is asking too much of everybody,
if nobody coordinates to fix these things together & share the work.

So share the work people, its like a to do list & to connect list!

Once only in lifetime. A slight possibility, becomes an absolute certainty. The choice is yours: The way to change!


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Super short Version:

1——Change Must Be Positive
.     1.1——Slower Is Better
.     1.2——All Behaviors Are Complex
.     1.3——Small Successes Are Big

2——Know More, Feel Better, Do Better
.     2.1—-Being Is Easier Than Becoming
.     2.2—-Change Requires Structure
.     2.3——Change Is Frightening
3—Practice Is Necessary
4—New Behaviors Must Be Protected

———little helpful add:

1. You can’t start concentrating until you’ve stopped getting distracted.
2. Distraction leads to boredom if we forget our focus
3. The brain processes meaning before detail.
so trust it or/so convince it before you do something!
4. Emotional backround Distracts, let it free.

1——Change Must Be Positive

reinforcement-not punishment-is necessary for permanent change.
!    one type of reinforcement must be present for self-change,
two would be better than one, and three would be best.

Strategy: Enjoy the act
!    Intrinsic reinforcement occurs when the act is reinforcing itself.
(! make it overall reinforcing, every step, its possible)

1.1——Slower Is Better
!    Everything has its own natural speed; when altered, unpleasant things happen.
!    Change is most effective when it occurs slowly,
allowing behaviors to become automatic.

Strategy: Establish calm

Strategy: Appreciate the path
!    the path should be as rewarding as the goal.    (?how)

Strategy: Take baby steps

1.2——All Behaviors Are Complex
!    To increase the overall probability of success,
divide a behavior into parts and learn each part successively.

Strategy: Break down the behavior
!    Separate your desired behavior into smaller, self-contained units.

1.3——Small Successes Are Big
!    Focus on a series of small successes.
Each little success builds your reservoir of self-esteem;
one big failure devastates it.

Strategy: Reward yourself

Strategy: Map your success

Strategy: Admire the outcome

2——Know More, Feel Better, Do Better
!    Knowing more about the process allows more control over it & less risk.

Strategy: Understand the outcome

2.1—-Being Is Easier Than Becoming
Strategy: Simplify the process

2.2—-Change Requires Structure
Strategy: Identify what works

Strategy: Revisit your plan regularly

Strategy: Monitor your behaviors

Strategy: Request/Allow feedback from friends

Strategy: Logically sequence events

Strategy: Be realistic as possible
!    Unrealistic goals can increase fear (!),
or the realisation that expectations to success were unrealistic.
!    Fear increases the probability of failure.(!)

Strategy: Prepare for problems
“No pain, no gain”
“if you are not prepared to be wrong you will never do something original”

2.3——Change Is Frightening (unknown possibility of expectable losses)
Strategy: Examine the consequences
!    Compare all possible consequences of both your status quo
& desired behaviors as the risks to them.

Strategy: Prepare your observers
!    New behaviors can frighten the people observing them,
so introduce them slowly.

3—Practice Is Necessary
Strategy: Use helpers

Strategy: Practice in many settings

4—New Behaviors Must Be Protected
Strategy: Control your environment
Identify what helps and what hinders.

Strategy: Use memory aides

By Chorum/Chorality/Blindleiche/JMK
The key is below

Short version:

-Change Must Be Positive

As B.F. Skinner’s early research demonstrates, reinforcement-not punishment-is necessary for permanent change. Reinforcement can be intrinsic, extrinsic or extraneous.

According to Carol Sansone, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of Utah,
!    one type of reinforcement must be present for self-change,
two would be better than one, and three would be best.

Strategy: Enjoy the act
!    Intrinsic reinforcement occurs when the act is reinforcing.
(! make it overall reinforcing, every step)

–    -Slower Is Better

!    Everything has its own natural speed; when altered,
unpleasant things happen.
!    Change is most effective when it occurs slowly,
allowing behaviors to become automatic.
(if you become slower by doing you arent motivated enough, if you get faster without concentrate to change the speed, the emotion & amount of energy you do it right)

Strategy: Establish calm
Life is like a stirred-up lake: Allow it to calm and the mud will settle,
clearing the water. The same is true for change.

Strategy: Appreciate the path
Author Ursula LeGuin once said,
“It’s good to have an end to journey toward;
but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Don’t devise an arduous path;
!    the path should be as rewarding as the goal.

Strategy: Take baby steps
In one San Francisco State University study,
researchers found that participants were more successful
when their goals were gradually approximated.

Write down the behavior you want to change.
Then to the right, write your goal. Draw four lines between the two
and write a progressive step on each that takes you closer to your goal.

–    –    -All Behaviors Are Complex

Research by psychologist James O. Prochaska, Ph.D., a
n internationally renowned expert on planned change,
has repeatedly found that change occurs in stages.
!    To increase the overall probability of success,
divide a behavior into parts and learn each part successively.

Strategy: Break down the behavior
Almost all behaviors can be broken down.
!    Separate your desired behavior into smaller, self-contained units.

–    –    –    -Small Successes Are Big
Unfortunately, plans for big successes often result in big failures.
!    Focus instead on a series of small successes.
Each little success builds your reservoir of self-esteem;
one big failure devastates it.

Strategy: Map your success
Approach each step as a separate mission
and you’ll eventually arrive at the end goal.   – –

Strategy: Admire the outcome
An act doesn’t have to be enjoyable(!but i want it to be)
when the end result is extrinsically reinforcing.
For instance, I hate cleaning my kitchen,
but I do it because I like the sight of a clean kitchen.

Strategy: Reward yourself
Extraneous reinforcement isn’t directly connected to the act or its completion.
A worker may despise his manufacturing job
but will continue working for a good paycheck. –

-Know More, Feel Better,  Do Better

Surprise spells disaster for people seeking change.
!    Knowing more about the process allows more control over it.

Strategy: Understand the outcome
Success is satisfying, and if you know why you succeeded or failed, similar strategies can be applied when changing other behaviors.

–    -Being Is Easier Than Becoming

Strategy: Simplify the process
Methods of changing are often unnecessarily complicated and frenetic.
Through simplicity, clarity arises.

–    –    -Change Is Frightening (unknown possibility of expectable losses)
We resist change, but fear of the unknown can result in clinging
to status quo behaviors—no matter how bad they are.

Strategy: Examine the consequences
!    Compare all possible consequences of both your status quo
and desired behaviors.
If there are more positive results associated with the new behavior,
your fears of the unknown are unwarranted.

Strategy: Prepare your observers
!    New behaviors can frighten the people observing them,
so introduce them slowly.

Strategy: Be realistic
(isnt possibe if you think about it:
every expectation & theory is not the real thing)

Unrealistic goals increase fear.
(! not if iam ok with the fact that it either way could be possible to reach it
or not but then my kids will continue to reach so it isnt fear inducing)
!    Fear increases the probability of failure.
(! origins from not knowing & not protecting &/or not acting) – –

Strategy: Prepare for problems
Perfect worlds don’t exist, and neither do perfect learning situations.
Pamela Dunston, Ph.D., of Clemson University, found cueing to be
an effective strategy. –

In my karate class of 20 students, the instructor yelled,
“No pain, no gain,” amid grueling instructions.
After four weeks, only three students remained.
Uncomfortable change becomes punishing,
and rational people don’t continue activities
that are more painful than they are rewarding.

-Change Requires Structure

Many people view structure as restrictive, something that inhibits spontaneity(! i can combine both for success & creatvity).
While spontaneity is wonderful for some activities, it’s a surefire method for sabotaging change.

Strategy: Identify what works
Classify all activities and materials you’re using as either helpful, neutral or unhelpful in achieving your goal.
Eliminate unhelpful ones, make neutrals into positives and keep or increase the positives.

Strategy: Revisit your plan regularly
Review every day how and why you’re changing and the consequences of success and failure. Research by Daniel Willingham, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of Virginia, showed that repetition increases the probability of success.

Strategy: Monitor your behaviors
Some therapists insist on awareness of both current and desired behaviors, but research suggests it’s sufficient to be aware of just the new one.

Strategy: Request feedback
A study in the British Journal of Psychology found that reflecting on personal experiences with others is key to successful change.
But because complimenting new behavior implies that the observer disliked the old one, it can make observers feel uncomfortable.
If, for example, you were once demeaning to people, few would now say, “It’s nice talking with you since you stopped being a jerk.
” Give the observer permission, suggests Paul Schutz, Ph.D., of the University of Georgia, and you will receive feedback.

Strategy: Logically sequence events
According to behavior expert Richard Foxx, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Penn State University at Harrisburg, it’s important to sequence the aspects associated with learning a new behavior in order of level of difficulty or timing.

-Practice Is Necessary

Practice is another key approach to change, suggests one study on changing conscious experience published recently in the British Journal of Psychology.
I’ve found that the majority of failures occur because this principle is ignored. Practice makes new behaviors automatic and a natural part of who we are.

Strategy: Use helpers
Not all behaviors can be learned on your own. Sometimes it’s useful to enlist the help of a trusted friend.

Strategy: Practice in many settings
If you want to use a new behavior in different environments,
practice it in those or similar settings.
Dubbing this “generalization,” psychologists T.F. Stokes and D.M. Baer found it critical in maintaining new behaviors.

-New Behaviors Must Be Protected

Even when flawlessly performed, new behaviors are fragile and disappear if unprotected.

Strategy: Control your environment
Environmental issues such as noise and level of alertness may interfere with learning new behaviors.
After identifying what helps and what hinders, increase the helpers and eliminate the rest.

Strategy: Use memory aides
Because a new behavior is neither familiar nor automatic, it’s easy to forget.
Anything that helps memory is beneficial.

This is a filtered, reordered & partially commented version of Ph.D. Stan Goldbergs :
Strategy:  (mostly important)
!    [text]-intabulated is important.
– + [intabulated texts] – is a reordered undercategory form of strategies,
because they were first seperated & equally. to see in the original texts.
!: important & notes

weapons of pure logic & emotion, thus we never have to feel lonelyness anymore


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If you feel lonely, i can help you:

First! Question your loneliness!
What thinking makes you feel lonely?
What do you expect to not have?
To not be able to?
What do you expect of your surrounding to haven’t done?
Is it really loneliness you do feel?
Or rather perspectivelessness & the need for help & nobody helps?
What would you like to experience?
What would you like to share?
What would you like to hear?
Why, Why, Why? What is it what you need?
How can you get it?

Second & fundamentally:
Understand how loneliness is appeaseable. 

We know that we can’t control if we are lonely or not.
We don’t stop to feel lonely if we care for ourselves..
If we coerce people to care for us, it doesn’t appease this deficit..

So we can never know because can never control,
if someday we won’t feel lonely anymore.
So we can’t expect this to happen at anyday of our life.

We have to deal with this possibility…
& for feeling good even in this extreme case
we have to lose all fear of being alone…

We have to accept that we have no control about this,
We have to lose all hope into this, let go from those thoughts!..
It will be the only way to not be lonely…

If we lose this fear of being alone..
..we realize that this world may be lonely,
because nobody seems to truely feel & understand & care for us..
from this moment on we stop to fear that we can’T tell everybody else who we are & how we feel, we start to not fear any exclusion.
We completey stop to supress our true thoughts & feelings.. (M.D.)

& then the next moment.. we see all those lonely people & know
that this world is even more sad……. but now there is the little difference… we can at least care for them….

if we don’t care for them… the world would even be more sad..
So the only thing we can do is to be for them, as we feel.
To be for them what we would like them to be For us, adapted to their special situation.. care for them.. as we would like to feel care.. (the golden rule)
As true as they are…feel… & think..

Do you feel what this knowledge means?

ask for me.. but just if your true self tells you to.

PS: if you start to learn something, it doesn’t automatically mean that you feel what it means. This has to be connected with your feelings & your worldview first… think & feel intensely into your special experiences. The Moment of intense emotion is the moment to think those methods & apply your knowledge to it.. thats how to connect thinking & feeling..

The only possible goal & way of life!


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“To be, or not to be, that is the question”  [1]


It’s just about existence,
this got started & decided
by rather unknown processes,
causal processes in unlimited time*.
Those gave us existence & needs.
Those needs we can’t shed.
Those needs decide our way.

Those processes led to our need
to explore & understand processes
& change them to appease our needs.
Those needs are strategies to exist.
So this new human need: “the last need” shows the way:
To be the new reason,
To interfere in those processes,
to create an output we need,
to exist & fulfill the strategies to exist
to be the new causality
which decides what exists as a process,
is the only possible goal we can have,
the only possible way of life.
Every life does it, & will do it.

,Life which cares for Life` is & will be the most important thing ever!

So lets care for Strategies that care for life! Its that simple.

The alternative is to die,
against our needs to shed our needs.
But even so, we give place for other peoples/lifeforms needs.

Because if someone kills people
it will induce reactions to inhibit such behaviour,
thus will lead to our appeased needs again.
If every human dies, we arent the only life anyway
there are other life forms here & on maybe other planets too.

So i can’t do & want something else,
than understand & change causal links & processes.
to appease my needs es long-term viewed as possible
to stay appeased within my surrounding & future descendants.

What exactly this means
is decided by actual limits of our understanding or limits in ressources,
to use such knowledge to appease actual & future needs of us & our surrounding most likely affecting us & our descendants.

So lets go on!

*Evolution originated from thermodynamic processes on earth, which made chemicals statistically reakt to chemicals which create themselves as they react with other chemicals.
So statistically they will exist rather than other chemicals.
Thats how it started & led to us, with our special need to explore & understand processes. A strategy helpful to find strategies to exist. The crucial mechanisms that led to thermodynamic processes & existance of matter aren’t really understood or at least i dont understand quantum-mechanics & the theory. & i dont think they have the answere to that question.

This content is already revised but iam too lazy to show here if nobody asks,
so just ask.

The Money & Power as a very distorted representation of demand so our needs..


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The problem about our modern monetary systems are:

Profit decides which companies live,
with marketing & deception & everything you can get money out of.

The best examples:
Drug-companies, Chemical food industry,
Car industry, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing,
shopping for fun, eating for fun,
the phenomen of unhealthy diet itself,
pollution, informationless consumers,
TV as a more important thing than our environment & our own health..
& short term appeasement.. etc..

Quality as better useability to appease our needs more conflict free with our environment in the long term view & short term view.

Thats what we have to learn, to get taught,
thats were we have to put our money into,
thats what we have to teach banks & investors..
Don’t just help every company that seems to get profit.
Thats a huge factor in society..

Now you will see inequality:
Banks, gocernments, big investors, & small investors/consumers
decide how our actions to build our future look like!

If you look at the the parties above:
you see  is a big indifference in the ability to act & organize a will!

Thats how money & power distort the reflection of our true needs to this world!

A study of the ETH Zurich 1,7% of all multinational companies control 80% of the world revenue,
compared to this the wealth/estate distribution,
of 5-10 % own 80% of the worlds wealth/estate, seems egalitarian

We have to dissolve this influence & overdeceicive power
of the left side of the list above & have to gain awareness of what we & everybody need now & in future terms, to appease our needs more conflict free with our environment in the long term view & short term view.

Internet, phones etc, SLOWLY change that fact.
But i would like to see the government helping with this!

With our modern possibilities, nations could much better assess what their people need.we could much easier communicate & creatively find methods to appease this need in a long-term helpful way, rather than in a short term destruction way. .

Don’t sit on your couch in front of the tv or computer game & eat chips as chocolate.. Stop & ask yourself what you would like to experience now & try everything else but not what you are used to & try to make it helpful for your society.have a stressful discussion with your friends & family about what is important in life, ask yourself all of this… plan, think & imagine our future together. Go out & have fun & talk about everything, how you feel etc. but don’t do what you are used to & what is just a short term anesthesia for your true feeling.. to kill your long term pain of not knowing what you need….

Govrnment should help
to inform them much better & communicate needs,
but they seem stuck in old patterns
(& haven’t got the brains, courage or possibilities ?)
so can’t help to develope what will develope itself anyway &
help the old patterns to go with little conflict

“For example newspapers will be electronic or expensive as hell
in at least 50 years.
(in switzerland it’s 2032 according to a study
where no newspaper will be anymore.)

Journalism will have changed dramatically,
the way infomrations & consumers connect also,
TV will almost be dead.
there will be no regime,
there will be “Tv” on demand.
I think it will rather be an internet channel
where you can chose your videos..

& to earn money with this, our rights of sharing & private property & intellectual property will be changed dramatically
or this won’t be a working business
but a self-keeping & governmentaly funded programm.”

There we have to think of strategies..
to inform & keep a stable & working system to organize & reflect our needs! it will anyway, but with thinking already now about this,
we can skip some conflicts! (hypothes.is) maes a try for its part)


Corruption, Missing responsibility & Damage rectification inability & inallocatability, has to be prevented & controlled & there we also have to think about tough strategies.


Other problems about “debt” & money itself.

If the population rises, the money amount still stays the same & many people will slowly have more & more problems to get a job & their money to live.

The only used method to solve this problem, but very unstable & delayed until its a coercion as you see,  is to temporarily expand the money supplyas loans for everyone, for more & more things or make the money flow more rapid.

The moment you conservatively deal with this problem, you have to create new money circulations as new demands & you have to raise the supply again, as the sector of the new goods & services grow.
Of course with this mechanism we help a lot of trash to develope,
as long as money flows & comes!

The moment you get more foreign customers you have to create money for them again. But its all temporary,
because “trash” won’t sustain as a need in the long-term.

So the only used method for dealing with this logical problem
is to raise the debt of the nations & everybody. So this is in the first view no problem, thats why it is also called: liabilities.

But if something in this system of investment is going wrong,
-(what happened some years before 2009-) or the average consumer isn’t able to eat the new soritiment of potatoe chips anymore the investment will fail & it will get a recession because nobody needs products anymore, they need things we can’t really buy..
oh what a blame recession because they don’t buy more trash…

The only way to deal with this problem without changing much of our system is A HUGE LOT of research!
To produce products that don’t displace older ones & create a new cycle of demand & new work.

Otherwise it will lead to a situation where people could work & produce new things, but nothing we truely need anymore & also the medium money wouldn’t be there for the new generation, if banks wouldn’t provide for anything profitable.

Also, you have to pay back what builds your existence.
Those debts aren´t there to pay it back someday, this wouldn´t be possible. You would have to pay it back in kind. that would ruin lifes.

If you now look at the reasons of the crisis in 2009
& the fallowing happenings,
you can´t believe that this wasn´t on purpose,
or that the politicians really have no solutions for these problems
of controlling the financial market.

It would be as unbelievable that banks would just accept to be controlled, without “trying” to change that attempt in previous with a wad of lobbying.

they should create a rule, who you can give money & when you can create money to be fix & not be payed back, for further generations & new product cycles to be without stress of permanent owing your life to somebody. Any  further strategic ideas?

The need that makes us human.


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—-I found that we humans have the need to do something that :
Z) “The Last Need”:

1) can go on infinitely
but is divisible in partial goals
which are discernible if reached,
2) is always available to do,
3) is always extending worldviews
& adaptable to worldview drifts,
4) appeases our other reproductive (W), physiological (X) & social needs (Y),
thus we can expect that it will solve conflicts.

All 4 points at once. The more some behaviour is doing this,
the more we will prefer it to other behaviour.
This (Z) sounds basically like the motivating program of us.

—We will see the links among those needs as we start looking at the:
W) “Reproduction Need”:
Its the simple & leading effect of time & the logic of:
things that exist more often will rather sustain.
Evolutions foundation.
We feel thus a big need to do it,

P) but are coerced to fit in the social system (Y)
so doing other things in our most fertile years,
to build up a security (X) for us & our future possible family.
This contradicts our biological timing & we feel this very hard!

Q) but to find a person which will fit into this position,
we have to be very cautios & checking if this partner is able to
care for the kid & the physiological foundation (X) of the future family.
So this means basically that those persons have to be
naturally attractive to each other,
able & willing to do larger projects together
(often related to the same interests / relates to (W) & (Z))
& stay in this position willingly for as many years as possible!!

— What is the next best method to exist?
(X) is quite obvious:
long-term view nutrition,
work (out), sleep, to live, psychological health (W)(Y)(Z),

– The following ones allow us to gain a lot of security & possibilities
to survive natural competition, but sometimes restrict or weaken us.

Y) “The Social Needs” are making us want to do something that

A) is significant as possible to the society (X) (W) (Z),
B) at least secures us physiologically (not die) (X),
C) is ultimately always expandable (Z) (B),

I hope i showed you with my codification how cross linked those needs are &
i know that i even missed a lot links.


The minor problem is, that i don´t have something like that anymore. Because what i had did not survive point 3. & thus point 4 but i am on the best way to change that.

The major problem is that almost nobody has something like that. Sustaining Motivation.
Because to keep motivated you can´t miss to think far
& about your environment
because this is intensively influencing your feelings.
They start to be stuck in the believe to can’t change & do something new to appease their needs because they don’t question what they do & feel & just follow habits, things they are used to & numb themselves emotionally with repeated short term appeasemnts…

Do something else, for you & somebody else.



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so just ask.