Philosophy of Life .

~~Strictly reasonable.~~

————— 1)-I felt good with:
The only possible goal & Way of life!

———————0) I even think myself of it missing accurate feeling:
Once only in lifetime. A slight possibility, becomes an absolute certainty. The      choice is yours: The way to change!  (But i felt great writing the headline)

~~Reasonable Feeling and Emotions    hard to capture induce and deduce.~~

————–1) Felt tender and strong, loving caring while writing:

  • -Physiology

————–0) Felt not a lot, haunted or down while writing:

  • -Social components of the whole.

Weapons of pure logic & emotion, thus we never have to feel lonelyness anymore

  • -Love
  • -Physiology
  • -Mind and unlimited needs.

Emotional medics we need?
Why loving this life is the hardest task:
The need that makes us human.
Pro dubium ut veritas sit!


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