The helpful side of everey emotion.


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motivating and demotivating emotions. Regulatories for our life.


New Currency, Inflation free & Secure!


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It has to be based on the needs, which the products satisfy.The effect of the products.

So i call this system L which stands for life.

There will be 2 sides:

α)People will determine what the products can satisfy. As scintifically as possible.
Ω)People will determine what they need. As scientifically as possible.

This seems impossible in the first glare, but it’s not!!
Because the work to determine all of that, will reduce exponentially.
Because everybody needs certain but rather similar things & they roughly know why.

First this currency will roughly describe what we need & what products serve.
After time the definitions will enhance & get more & more detailled.

As you know by now this currency will never describe all possible functions of any product.
Not just because of variancs, side effects, alternative uses, uses over time & little details,
but just because this is a trait of reality. It’s relatively infinite.
That’s the way we describe reality in science anyways.

A big point regarding groceries will be,
that we will describe the products uses, transformations & names over time. Yep old bread.
But you will see that this will make planning extremely efficient.

Some products will just have very common uses if in combination with other products.
Every house. So we will also have to describe products in combination with each other

You say this is way too much for everybody & not just the average consumer.
But what do you think do we do all day long as we made everything automatic?
Yes: administration & research. With this currency i write about here.

And yes, it is, with the way to look at it today, way too much for everyone,
but we are capable of summaries, so we do not always repeat every analysis.
Consumer Protection Act’s will help out there, too.
-Also, this is not something we will ‘run into tomorrow & everything will be different’.
It is a currency system, which will evolve seperately to our current money system.

First people who are very careful will buy this currency
& then more & more people will see, it is better than any gold.
& with more people entering this, they will start to describe what they need more & more exactly.
& this will slowly transform every consumer to an expert in what they need.

They don’t even have to understand all the science, but they can see the effects of the product
& see that there is something they need & no details which obstruct to satisfy what they need.

The science will be peer-reviewed by every scientist who want’s to earn cash by helping society.


One „major“ issue will be, that there will almost never be the perfect product,
but not just that we as humans have capacities for a little too much or a little to less,
we even know, that if we see some detail-effects, which risk something we need in future,
that we can counteract these effects later & have to tolerate it now. Similar to medication.*

A nice side effect will be:
As we determine what the products serve for there will be main purposes & many side purposes. Ranked by their popularity of being needed. This will have a huge creativity impact to all of us.
The currency will support new ways to see products,
because we have look at them without functional fixedness.

Very different from today will be, that the currency will have a tolerance space,
because we don’t know all effects of the food we eat or encounter,
so we don’t even know exactly what we need to eat or avoid, but roughly.
The everydays life risk will be very visible to everybody & this will raise consciousness.

Extremely positive aftermaths of this will be,
-)that this will lead to more & more detailled despription of what people really need
& which products serve & represent those needs.
-)Deception & misinterpretation of feelings & products will dramatically decrease
almost to extinction.
-)People will share their experience & rate online & very distincs a „menu“ of needs,
not just by being used to it & copying what they do everyday again & again.
It’s in front of them in their everyday life, looking at it very easily,
which makes it much more likely to look critically at it.
Far away from abstract numbers & prices.
Thinking about their future needs in a very realistic & tangible way,
makes us care about our futrure.

-)Compensation will be so real.
Products will not always match exactly what we need,
they will have most of the time some „side effects“ or more effects than needed.
Too little is also possible but it is not what we need, so we can demand compensation.

-)Impact on research.
*For ‘the „detail risk effects“, we didn’t buy first with the currency but couldn’t avoid them’,
we will get as compensation a need satisfaction currency, which counteracts this effect.

If there is no such product available we will be able to buy research for this.
One Question i asked myself:
How will we exchange the currency?
One need against another need?
Maybe rather:
What we can give & what others can give (α) against what we need & others need (Ω)

I know we are ration, exchange rate & price obsessed & want to know it now but wait & read
I will answer that now:

What we can give is possible to determine, because we have limits in time & energy.
We have reasons why we are limited so we can push it if we research.
Those methods will obviously also serve as products.
If we are restricted in energy & time by causes there are reasons too
& if we really prove that there is a restriction, we can start to figure out how to surpass it,
but first stop to demand more from this person than it can serve.
& actually failure of serving proves restriction.

This will limit our supply of products so drastically,
that it is possible to determine the best position for everyone of us in society, by software,
so we can serve the most & get as exactly as possible what we really need the same time.
This is just a process to allocate ressources and needs & calculate which investments are the most secure the most helpful to satisfy as many needs of each other as possible & to surpass our limits.
So we can love to serve for society & humanity.

So ideas, how a product can serve or what we really need, will be crucial,
because they can shift the whole system.
So the open-source & validation of these ideas is crucial too.

If an idea is realizable or not, will have to be proven by ourselves,
by everybody who has the ressources & time.
So everybody is a researcher.

The best composition of who should work what & who should do & give what
can be determined by needs fulfilled as far & free time gained to research as much as possible,
to surpass limits of knowlegde, which limit our existence & well being of humanity
as much as possible, scientifically determined as possible.

So there is everything set. Just let’s go there now.

How to make this real now?

α)People will determine what the products can satisfy. As scintifically as possible.
Ω)People will determine what they need. As scientifically as possible.

Nations have to follow this ideal, starting to create the software,
start to issue some of those currencies,
with first rather categorical needs, which will be fulfilled.
So it starts, as government security like paperwork.

This paperwork will guarantee that the nation will serve as asked the Ω-part of the currency.

The α-part of the currency will be determined at the moment the currency will be exchanged again for money or real products. So the products can change over time. The needs don’t.

A now obvious special issue, as this currency starts to exist is this:

If we first issue the currency & afterwards will be a technological developement
& we create way better products, Imagine it’s about a house.sp

Will the currency now allow us to get the new better products?
Here we can argue, but i would say ‘yes of course‘. Because:

To provide substandard is hardly possible without definitions of needs getting violated.
Even if, it might not even be possible anymore to get a substandard product like that.

„Substandard and standard“ are the words we looked for.

With these words we can define, which side effects certain products will have,
due to „the standard“ or maybe above standard & maybe some effects even beyond any standard.

Ultimately there can be a RATIO-DETERMINATION of what is above standard or standard.
Just Compare the historical price ratio & the ressource based affordability with ‘super future today’ & define roughly what is above standard or maybe even substand or what you defined.

(Let’s say cars got soundfree & drive by themselves already. For 6 people needed, big family.
It’s standard that every kid has an app on it’s phone with which the car is called & drives to our place, but it costs, all of this will be for example paid too.)
(if there is now a certain feature in this car, let’s say massage on every seat & it isn’t standard.
Now if an above-standard related to comfort was defined, this will probably be it. But there remains choice. If not, you have to earn it additionally
If we say there are additional risks which concern everyone:
Nations will have to make a „standard-clause“ too,
where a certain amount of additional risks is seen as innocuous for fulfilling the contract.
This also needs hard definition.

The mechanism that there will be an addition to the old definitions done because research found new informations about a product will lead to the the economic effect that people will just buy if they really need, & exchange the money for what they need more,
because 1) the money could get more worth the more time goes by & research is done.
2) the product we would have gotten could get very bad, because they found additional risk in it.#

This reminds me again of compensation to surpass the limitations
for society/humanity which these threats or risks represent

There# you see we need subsequent addition ‘of risks we didn’t know about earlier’ to our system of limitations of human life & ressources.
There will be no normal conpensation
but a contribution of ressources to deal with the problem at hand
related to their priority to humanity.

Compensations & these contributions to surpass inhibiting risks of products,
which we didn’t know about, are distributed as possible.
If the risk is really relevant than ressources are taken from those who can help the most.

As you see by now
With this at hand the impact of production will be described too, as side-effect.
The way how our product started to exist will be also easily traceable

So these days there will be 2 types of documents, α & Ω,
which determine how we exchange just one of them (Ω).

α)The product description & all possible uses. They will be in an archive decentral and central.
So everybody has all of the information & an update will be distributed to everybody immediately. It is fake secured as possible, by immediate prove.
So everybody knows every offer. Quantity, Quality.
There are Qualities & it’s quantities of the product,
which exist to very likely answer a need, some to be used in combinations or rare uses.

) The actual currency, defined in needs, which are split, added, mixed & traded.
Backed & integrated into an individual plan,
of what I need as an unique person
as approximate to reality as possible as far thought as possible.
These information get permanent updates from scientific findings and get adapted to our special physiology.
Also backed by an environment plan to check products and unique unknown ressources
as another guide to help each other, also updated by local, yourself & ppl engaged into these places.

And as you see by now, the currency, needs to be more and more, because we will find more and more needs as we will get more and more people.

So by which rule does the Ω currency start to exist & how is it distributed?
Later in future If there is no money to exchange for it?

Maybe like with our currency,
so the person can give us, so we create money for it, so it can live to give us,
what it proves to be able to.
But not created centrally, but in a democratic process, a decentral process.
We will determine that we need someone like this & can care for someone like this.

Actually we will invite him into our society and are willing to care for this prson,
so give it currency to exchange for products, we produced to make it live
& give it opportinúnities we produced, to make it give us back. A reciprocity.
Because we can give far more than we need if we use technology of today.
So everyone who is willing to help himself and us the same moment without damaging him or us,
as this person is willing to research and administrate all of the above, this person is welcome.
Make damage impossible & make exceeding resiprocity the norm, so we can plan far into the future or at least as far as we can and research more and more.

But just if we have enough for everyone.
If not, we first have to find a solution with him,
because we can’t sacrifice someone lese for his sake. This would be nonsense.
Except if this person proves better than another person of our society,
this person will take the other persons rank in ressource distribution.

But to be honest, this will not be very bad,
because future ressources will be:

-ultra lots of time
-more rarely making service on the big machines who produce everything for everyone,
-who gets the better research equipment & harder tasks,

and when it comes to these terms,
then those people will accept happily that just the best get the hardest cases to work with!


spTo define where we will need a house is extremelx hard. So we can define a uncertainty range &
a probability of where it will be. The surrounding also provides needs which need to be defined too. That is the reason why need defining is so extremely more potent than asking guarantee for a certain product, because this way we will be able to be more flexible related to technology place & time.

öI thought it should be possible to upgrade those currencies up to everything we need
& maximum to everything we could need, So we can make an experiment of what might be needed.
Also to split a part of them off, so you can trade it against another need.
(This has to be restricted somehow because then you could sell everything off from your house need pack until it still is a house as you wish it but you sold every addiitioonal need off, so you made money other peoples got useless parts & the guaranteeing nation still can’t find something else than a house which is logivally useful as your definitions are now diminished.
So you made cash without losing your product.)
Don’t fear personal freedom could not exist, due to this scientification.
A roughly described goal of this society is being able to do everything we feel for doing so,
without hurting us or others.


Austerity measures are definitely hoax measures.


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Whatever the reason for the crisis 2007 & it’s aftermath were clear is:
“A state as middleman, taking our money to give it to people, who we believe need & deserve it the most, can’t be the reason for the crisis.”

So why austerity measures?
debt? Can’t be the reason. Why this is, is at the bottom*

Why not continuing with our social plan?
& try to find everything that could be the problem?

Maybe we shoudn’t seperate commercial & investment banks
but seperate the state into social & business state.

Yeah there would be some overlappings because taxes from companies are also used for social purposes.

But when seperated, there needs to be a transaction to the social state.
So we can easily observe how much is used for social purposes.
This makes the nation by far more transparent.

to prevent the social state going to bankruptcy as well:

We would see how much is really taken more easily!
And the idea, to just raise the debt ceiling for the business state higher than that for the social state, would be closer to our minds.

*Because debt today can’t be a bad thing,
considering that:

  • more products means we need some more money to buy them & work for them besides what we already have to buy & work for
  • a growing population needs a little more money for every new job it takes to live
  • more social state needs also more money to provide those money flow circles we know they pay out in future for our well being.
  • exports: we need a couple additional dollars to give it to the person from far away to buy with our dollars in our nation, we get their money in exchange.
  • & everything else we wish for a nation and good economy to exist..


The idea, that there could be a seperate state,
which individually concentrates to cares about social issues,
is pleasing because it would bring more transperency into any nation.


Worldwar against natural limits. The thing that connects us all.


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Imagine a worldwide war,
Something that threatens all of us.

What threatens all of us? What threatens our future?
Not everyone against everyone.
A human threat .
A natural limitation.
All together  against a human threat, .
To unite everyone.

What will it look like? Everyone united?
National duty for men to go to army.
The nation will make it a duty to everyone of us to learn to research.
To use theory, evidence, reason and strategy to fight together against the opponent…

Make research a duty..

We already have those threats.

Merely Evryone has the time, the potential and some reserves to research.

Make it real.


Monetary theory, explanation of many phenomena in this economy. And solutions.


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First I will explain in simple terms:
Why debt is needed in our system!*(*points to the answere)

Based on a money flow model, where money flows basically in circles.
From A->B->C->D->E->F->G->H->…->A
(From bread buying man to company to bakery to farmer to metal industry to workers and the worker is the one who buys the bread.)

Description of the components and a short introduction are at the bottom.

——————————–The Experiment:—————————

So let’s think there is an amount of money for this population.
There is an amount of needs in this population.

Let’s say everyone has a job and everyones needs are satisfied.
——Now they get children:
They need more ressources than there are in use already.
They need more jobs than there exist already.
Either this happens informal or we need more money,
those children need additionally money.
(in reality this happens steadily)

——-Now they invent a new product everybody wants:
Let’s say it is something like a toilet or clothes or a bed.
If you used none until now you have to get some additional money to buy it.
For every new product, we intend to help people with and it definitely has a use which really fulfills needs and will sustainably help us live without destroying ourselves, we will need additional money!
(in reality this happens steadily)

Except! We find a way to make every product cheaper, or transfer the money so fast that everyone can basically use the same 5$ banknote to make their buyings.
or we use something else than money, contracts for example.
Just contracts would be possible because of Inflation and limited transfer speed.

Money is basically nothing else than an abstract impersonal contract which claims to give us something of value back, put into strange numbers.
believe of security makes it work. As far es we haven’t learnedto know for sure.

So in our current system it will inevetably lead to a restriction in money supply and this will lead to people which can’t work, though they physically and mentally can and need it.

—-how to solve this? solve inflation? make new money? transfer faster?

Is a close question
but first let us see how we deal with this i’d say simple problem until now:

We give loans: not existing money, created money. then we destroy it again.

It adds money to the economy for a short period of time
and this way if we let it circulate a little we can give it back after time. We can even give more back if we accumulate a part of the flow. To pay what we have to pay today “interests”.

This way if we pay it back some money flow circles/the companies can still exist!
–After this the money has to flow faster through all money flow circles to fulfill old needs and add the new one. this leads to priority and time problems after a set of new products.

–Or we kill other money flow cicles.

–*Or we accumulate debt as much as it is needed to fulfill all additional needs.
For a nation that is somehow usual but also doesn’t look very good.
A private person would look very bad with this.
But think about it. it means contracts!! if we all have many of them with each other and really want money cycles to grow. to have more products to fulfill our needs we seem to all have to get more loans. more debt.
we seem to fight debt… with a self destroying method.. austerity..
we can’t supress needs very long… it will have aftermath anyways..

it is understandably unpopular to be in debt.

to take a loan for every little thing in life you need.
We even seem to apprtoximate this scenario.

And then even pay interests for it.
Make some bankers richer, who just allow you to work.
because they don’t even own any of this money.

Interests are basically no problem.
Bankers can also give away this money for a money flow circle.

Basically it leads to accumulation of money in banks
by doing nothing but
allowing a money flow circle to exist.
Allowing people to work for each other.
Allowing “abstract unpersonal contracts” to exist and they get something for it: interests.

This makes them very powerful.
Because they decide what products & contracts exits,
if it is okay to provide you money for your need.
which needs should be fulfilled.
Not only by giving loans but also by what businesses to acquire.
Let’s say this is okay because they don’t intend to opress us.
If we make laws that make them respect our needs.
or if not, in the end, we cannot do differently than make them respect our needs. By expressing them against their say. allowing ourselves to work how we need to!
So still no problem if they decide right to let us care for us!

It gives them more power to decide what to invest into.
Who also can decide if your investment is needed or not,
if your idea is secure enough ot not.
Let them decide what we need? can they? no..
banks are proven to not be the best ones to decide that.

bankers aren’t able to judge what we need.

With your kids pocket money as a debt you additionally have to pay back one day, the more children the more debt is needed.
Born in debt and urged to do what those people demand from it, or they will take everything it thought to own. Who probably can’t even see what your kid needs.

—–If we ask now: Children, new human beings on this planet:

Where can we get the money and work from to give them what they need?
to educate them and integrate them to also fulfill each others needs?

  • Banks won’t give us money for this. Even if: it would just stay for the time we have to pay it back and slowly create a bottleneck in money and job supply, salary supply, sustaining money circle supply, if we don’t take another loan.
    And we give them more power every time we pay it and lose independency.
    Always have to fear to lose ownership.
  • Get it somewhere, people in powerful positions are the first to do so because they can easitly take it from subordintes & also they are urged to do so. They also care for their future and kids.

What does this lead to:
1) raise prices, lower salary—>Inflation
but then somewhere somebody has to give it:
so they lose something that fulfills their needs
& have to get it back somewhere. ->agression in crime.

2) save it—-> another bottleneck for the economy money circles
hard with the need to buy products to live while you get less pay
3)ask for more money–> hear they can’t
get a loan.

So some kind of needs which create money-flows !!in time!! can still exist
*this leads to the reason why capitalism is ignores most important needs*

For children we have to give all time we can,
give them to evolve, show them the world,
to make them able to find their way without illusions to live happy and make a better world the same time.

Without the fear to lose your house just because your employer fires you.
because people couldn’t afford to buy his products fast enough,
because somebody in this whole chain of assessments made a mistake.
Systemic risk..

Is this system capable for a long time anymore? no

Either we limit this risk to make losses, due to assessment problems,
and spread it, the same moment we spread the earnings,
so they are no danger for any individual anymore & even helpful to learn from!

Or we allow every born child in this world to ultimately own a certain amount of created money which it should be easily able to afford his needs with if it coordinates or works for others & also create a certain amount of money for new products which really are useful.

What we all need is:

The freedom to decide and learn yourself what you need
to learn to better this world while you satisfy needs
without obstructions if you do one single mistake.

The freedom to make mistakes to research a better way!

Who should decide what mistakes are? Who decides what is a better way?
Who should decide wheter to cooperate with you or not?

Everyone.. Democratize the institutions of banks.
Backed up with enough scientific !evidence! as possible.
Make monopole power and lobbyist interests they process,
something we can call our prowess!

We know that this system of demands and debt and too little freedom makes us suffer, too much freedom can make us suffer too if we don’t listen to our inner and outter restrictions, the only difference is that we really can learn to bend the outter restrictions for ever. And that’s what is really important for life:Everything which helps life to exist easier and more sustainable and more widely, like evolution logically demans: is the only thing we really can do and need to do, all our needs go for it… Research and educate for ever!

In times of more and more automatisation this will be the only thing left possible for us to do.

(Combine this with more people, without democratizing the distribution of money or creating it for human beings unconditonal at their birht to make it possible them to learn and integrate to make this worls in automatisation better, and you will have a hard time and and priority problem.)

————————–Major Key Components:————————————-

We have common a set of needs, which we need to satisfy.
Variances are little and body or cognition related.
This is undeniable. Utmost put into more detail.

The amount of people who need products to live.
It grows and this is evolutionary reasonable & will be reasonable.
So it is need based.
This is undeniable. We have to do it. Denying genes will more likely die.

–Money Quantity and Products in Exchange:
The circles content is money for products.
A->B Money  A<-B Product

Determined ratio of money per product. By people.

–Money Transfer Speed:
Some circles flow faster, some slower.
Due to time needed for

  • information, communication, transport of goods or money.
  • Saving the money to actually have enough to buy what you need.
  • limits of needs: we just don’t need to buy anything that is offered now.
    many things we need can’t be bought with money.

Concentration of Money
Some circles flow but some participants accumulate money with relatively safe mechanisms, thus take it out of the flow.

(Due to that always have more money than other participants and basically decide way more powerful than other actors where it flows. Like banks with their secured loans, every kind of secured loan.At least with law enforcement. But those are details, which show power structures, it’s not what i explicitly want to do here.)


———————-Now the way to the experiment:————————————
let’s think in terms of today:

What majorily determines the amount of money?

-still existing money
-banks which create it, as loans for companies or private individuals.

How do banks decide who to give money
to make what someone said he will do and somebody needs?

Just if it’s secure enough to get it & interests back.
Secured by whatever they conceive as securitization.

What determines how much money we need?
Our percepted and thought needs,
So the price of the products we need to satisfy them.

What determines the price?
People who produce and sell.
People who buy.

Why capitalism ignores most important needs and forces us to ignore them.


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The logical description why this is can be found in the post monetary theory.
Our Money system actually makes us extremely ignorant
for the really important things,
where we don’t immeadiately or personally get something back.

Children can not give back the informations,
the money or the time we put into them.
But without them there is no future.
they can’t give us anything else than their sign that they really need us.
For now unconditional. But the feelings we have for them.
It’s just possible to make us feel happy, by evolution.

Researchers rather give us far more than we even can give them back.
It’s jsut not possible. they have so huge impact! Did you ever experienced the fulfilling beauty of science if you solve something never thought to be possible?

With education you will have a great impact to the future,
maybe you will experience some of it but it will not give you directly as much as it gives the people you educate. just this knowledge and experience fulfills. Nothing more. People will remember you and your deeds and will educate as you did or better! Thats how you sustain. It’s not about getting it’s about sustaining andgetting better in it! So always evolve! And try as much as you can to never repeat!

In our world where archaic beliefs or moral relativity dominates,
many people tend to ignore those aspects of life,
though they are the most important impactful and fullfilling ones.
Without them there is nothing but stagnation, repitition, loneliness and death.
Immorals go too far for intense easy feelings and ignore sustainability and ratio.
Archaic believers stay too steady, hate to evolve, ignore problems & opportunities.

These tasks where we give and don’t get are basically
the manifestation of the golden rule in our feelings and in evolution.
We put effort into somebody else,
because we would like to feel this way if we were in their situation.

We would like to have a world like this. Live in a world like this.
Prioitized by what we feel is important, Children, Education, Health & s.o.
Those are one way functions in this world.

I doubt we know all of them yet,
i bet there are way more social ones,
which we haven’t discovered yet which we have feelings for!

It’s things where we can only give.
What we get is feeling and knowledge.
To sustain and exist. let’s fight for it to be unlimited!

Put the time of retirement where we really need it!


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Let’s put retirement to our 20s to 30s. starting with 18.!!

——-Why?                               (Summary of the effect to society at the bottom)
It’s the time where we really need it!
1)more money and time to study, better results
2)to care to start a family to care our kids in their most sensitive stage, 2,1)homeschooling will be possible, nations needs less money,
3)to think about the way we want to live in the future and how to change this world into a place we like even more.

12 years form 18-30 are WAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! more essential than any 65-77
——What about then if we are old?
In our 60s 70s 80s (we even get older and older)
most people don’t even know what to do with their time, just throw it out,
get depressed because they feel useless. Would like to work again,

To be honest i would work my old bones happily dead, if i know that i put this time most caring into my childrens education and realizing and consequently doing what i want to do with my life!


—-How? How much?
Just take the estimated payment we will get in this (maybe 12 years: 18-30)
by our worst case expected education,
be pessimistic with that.

because if we even get a better education so a better pxyment: this will start to add and there will be more free time consequently.

—-Can you explain this?

Imagine you have enough time with 18 up to 30. to decide and start your future because of the retirement payments.

Payments are as hgh as if you would just started to work now, and reached retirement age..

If you now study something and very obviously will finish it you would have had received more money in this time.

So because they didn’t give you this money you would have got,
you have te following options:

a) take everything right now.
b) or get more time after your 30s additionally relative to the additional amount

(as example: 12 years with 900$ per month but you would have received 1100$)
(200$ per month miss for 12 years: two solutions)
(a) 28800$ right now into your hand get your own home right now!)
(b) you add as example 2 years with 1200$ per month)

So You will just receive more money if you expectedly get a better job,
so you need to study, so the better you study the more time you will get.
And you have the time for this!
(Other examples of concentrating more money in less time or simila models would be possible too!)-Imagine you can choose how much money you want in which time.-Imagine you can choose how much money you want in which time.

—–What about changing the country and stealing two retirements?
international contracts:
You will have to transfer the retirements payments to your nation you have the money from. Interpol will catch you! You owe it! you want a standard of living so running away = ruining away.

So you are still flexible!

—-Summary—–=—–What is the impact of this?

A society in which: way more people

  1. are well educated!
  2. are well engaged into this world to have an impact!
  3. are in a well decided better and more stabe relationship
  4. are very caring parents!
  5. have way more educated children!
  6. work with determination and devotion!

Additionally as you know education has cascade like follow up effects:

  1. This enhances research.
  2. This enhances high tec.
  3. well being of the nation by export of this technological products and intelligence.
  4. more cautions politics
  5. imagine it, there will be more!


Ask your nation!!!

Just realized what we’ve missed back then. An economic memory.


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Imagine all related banks went bankrupt by those fraudulent assessments made by the same people who sold the world-system-breakdown CDO’s back in 2007.

Bank Run!! No loans!! No companies!! No jobs!! Hunger!! Civilian wars!! Chaos!! Crisis!!….

really???        no…

Cyprus showed that bank runs don’t work anymore today.
What somehow is logical because:
They just don’t allow you to take your money.
There is no one to run over at the banks counter….
… Everybody stands waiting in front of the cash atm.
There is no real money to steal from a safe…
…its all digital.
And most important: even if banks today close:

our economy wouldn’t have the same breakdown as “back then” because one big difference ocurred in this time:

Internet gave us Crowd Funding   — Crowd Lending!

Collaborative lending, peer-to-peer lending, crowd loans,
even have grown,
(as the fear media and politics mispelled unleashed mistrust
and thus initiation to get independent of those fraudulent incontrollably banks) though nothing very very bad happened compared to the historically fear raising “idols”.

I have the Good Feeling, that if this crisis would have gone to the extent of letting banks just crash one after the other: people would have had to help each other out.

Are they able to do so?” Asks the unwitting politician and pessimistic economist.

In the old days maybe: no.   But today: Yes! Because of Crowdsourcing!!!

Just from home, or our phones. we don’t even have to use money.
We can just come by and help to be helped too in exchange.
Back then they burned corn because there was no one who could buy it..

Imagine: How this sector would have grown if there were not many banks left??


(Bitcoin is just one example. Namecoin. Lightcoin. PPcoin,
Ven, Ripple, Digital Monetary Trust, e-coin.
And those are just the major ones.  )

We can easily kickstart any company, even if we don’t use our real money.
We just invent our own new one.

With this happening we would have broken the international multicoorporation lead in “whats worth to invest in it and whats not”.

We would have started to create new busines forms, where the goal of the business or the cumulative effect of this instuítution is more important(!bottom up!), than the median, money. It would have given us the opportunities to give life all the purpose we can give it., with much less money policy restrictions.

it’s not about the things that divide us,
lying in between of us, the money/x/time.

It’s about what connects us in a way that leaves the median in the end.
The collective purpose of our individual unneglecting sensitive well being.
It’s Not possible to feel this through the SOP life we inherit and dont deny to live in.

(next post)

Why shouldn’t we decide what to organize next for our society?
Aren’t we starving for a live outside work or duty?
Is’t there anyway a path called globalization and automatization which takes exacty that from us?  But the same time leaves us nowhere to start?
All our abilities which were some time ago useful, because distributable, the spacial barrier taht saved our rituals, because what people needed was not everywhere available. that changed too.
Everything you will ever learn is very likely to end in an open source free to use algorithm, available from everywhere wheere internet will be.

Yes i talk from another time but international mayor companies are running away from taxes and the nations starve away. Social security fades away..

The giving and taking got a taking and taking and taking and taking and giving.
Because it got possible
and moral or purpose of their lives, diminished to short term fun or power,
since religion and all emotions from it, fade away
and most people missserious emotional conviction.
So feeling anything intense might do the job for a living, sadly..

For those who don’t have the feelings from certainty about lifes purpose ,who have the money to buy power and intelligence to run away from dutys and resposibility or care for anything.

They damage themselves as much if they damage everybody else,
but they don’t seem to know.. Placebos…

Thatsoever i see a major direction:
less work needed. less static intelligence needed. less material needed.
more researching intelligence, growth, creation and new experiences needed.
more danger controlling government, selective consumers & responsible producers.
more cyclic and non accumulative growing usage of ressources,
systematic, long term based, regulated, and detail sensitive cooperation.

EDUCATION f all of that & more than that. Ideas for the world.
PARTICIPATION to Government.
-Share what you know, what you don’t know but like to
-Its worth 10000 years of not making mistakes,
taking better decisions & new views.
PARTICIPATION to Solving challenges for our society.
Not sitting in front of a tv unselectivel watching tv & “enjoing it” being numbed out.
but enjoying way more of reality and it’s possibilities and faces. the feelings and the ways we can help each other. The way we lose ourselves in this creation.

Thats what i wish life to be on a daily basis.
Not to forge the role modells we can be for our kids and how gret they will be. and how easily we will find people we can love.

think government needs way more participation from it’s civilians. not just in voting for laws.. It’s ebout their help for the ministries to fix special problems and the individual problems and reforms the nations have to make!

Participate in solving the problems and sharing ones perspective.

AND helping the nation by controlling major Companies and semicriminal organizatiohns, which obviously hrm every form of human life.

“I wanted you to know that too.”


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“We have to hate our feelings

We have to be afraid of our feelings

We have to be terrified by feelings.”

Why?    Thats what society* today wants us to and makes us to.

They* don’t want to let us live and show how we feel.
if we do so they ignore us, they stop to help us.
Our feelings don’t follow the the rules we have to live along..
This is impossible as we all know and truly feel as we see the world..
We like to change that and think wishfully, still they ignore, they are afraid..
They don’t have the capacity to do so, because they are confused and afraid by their own feelings.

Imagine you can’t fit into the norm, into public expectations* ….
….fed to us by tv, whatsoever medium or by people or parents – unquestioned.

then You start to feel like everything you are is a burden no a damage to society.
it starts dfferent: you swallow a single feeling of the whole arrayy we have.

First for a specific situation, then for more and more, After a while you lose more and more concentration because you are used to use that up to hide yourself.

your well being diminishes and maybe you reach a point where most crucial feelings
like hope for peace, and love are swallowed and maybe buried under the pressure which public expectations make to a day to day life reality.

probaby you exactly feel and know what i mean

We are all so afraid of making mistakes, not being accepted by others, not being helped, being left alone, left over, or even hated, excluded, fought..
Foremost afraid for getting ignored for our most intuitive deeply intense feelings.
That what makes us alive…

If they ignore and punish, we ought to be dead… at least thats how this feels..

Thats why everybody* is joking, so they can’t make mistakes right?

The utmost of it: nobody likes to even talk about feelings.
A hurting amount of people is afraid of the possible pain it envolves..
they believe  if you show that you don’t feel this way or think different
that it is not possible to change feelings and to get out of it happy.

Actually it is. The prove: later…. scroll to Prove

“What i experience today:
I am afraid of going on to reach my dreams:
Guess what? They were never so defined and vivid.
I never knew so good what i need and want.
I am truly confident that this is an opportunity with huge likeliness of success
I will reach things i really love to live and feel,
i know they are great for society, i feel it.
i will do mistakes somewhere, i will learn, it will transform
thats no doubt or problem, i will also exceed by far my imaginations.

But i feel huge anxiety of my own feelings
to be incompatible with the tight schedule life gives me.
With the sheer impact of the ignorance people will spend me.

the more you get to know your feelings and reasons the more you get sensible. it truly hurts and terrifies.

You have to overcome that too. there are ways to do so. **
Even though we stay sensible and don’t ignore by ourselves. I know it.

I wanted you to know that too.

Prove: (read it as if you skipped to this point)

We can learn, we can overcome, we can understand ones feelings and we can newly interpret what we misinterpreted first. Wen can find a way beside each other  and accepting each others limits mistakes , feeling and thinking.

We can understand our own limits to change, we can try to understand each other with an open mind even if it opposes everything we really feel for.
Why or how?

Because there is a path that is given to us by evolution life for life for life…


love for each others life which creates life in a next generation, which loves life to love eacth others life and so on…
this is the unlimited ideal of secure existence, which every feeling of ours follows.
(“to be or not to be, that is the question”)  So there are ideals always better ways to form our society. And as you thought probably by now, because we mix so strongly over many generations and can’t isolate our kids from everyone else we have to care for as many people as possible starting with ourselves and our closest partners.

if we all acknowledge this path and see our own individual role in it we can cooperate very effectively by telling to us each others feelings.
Feelings are what is determining all of our actions, made effective and extremely sensitive by causality of evolution.

So as we know, that we all couldn’t really choose our past our parents and our environment, subsequently our feelings, we have to look at each others as equals of a certain kind: we have the same responsibility for what we are and do with each other (“all for one and one for all.”)  BUT we have different origins and conditions we are born with. So we are not equal! we don’t have the same opportunities. We aim for having that, but it will always be different to some extent.

But thats not a problem: aware of that we can even do better in an approximatey entirely coordinated society, by needs, ressources, opportunities and this compared
to the possibe outcome of securing and taking control of reality for love for this each others life to create life to love each others life and so on……


Most importantly for that: teahc how to live show exchange empathy and talk and determine own and others needs and feelings.

Reasons are SO EASY compared to this. but i know, from myself,

That we CAN make this reality!

And so i demand it as the  number one priotity for all of our lives.
teach it: yourself, t hurts but go on. At home, in school, your friends, your colleagues, your love, in the media, everyone. ***



**PS: Somehow i know it is solveable by a awareness of peoples anxiety and mechanisms of ignorance, by their motivations and thsat there are reasons to that.
Also we have to get aware of our limits and of our priorities.

we can’t help everyone immediately. there is a limited amount of time and knowledge we have. We have to share it as effectively as we can.

Every moment we see something which affects us, negatively or positively
we have to see the whole world and the connections within its appearance.

As you feel bad, fee good because you know that there is a solution and though your way is so indirect you do your best to amplify the creation of this soution.
Everytime you feel good, see also why and that there are still things in this world you wsh by now to present this happyness with and feel imbued with gratitude and wilingness and courage to share and realize these feelings into this world!

Show yourself this way, live this wy, it’s a habit we have to get into but it’s the only way to really stay alive.

***PPS: there is a problem with media: it’s cut (we miss the real process)
and played (there are HUGE ignorances of true causal feeling af human beings)
And we believe it, because we don’t know much else and it’s so intense and vivid.
(role model, music to make feelings more intense, ypung age)